Phoenecia on Alki: an award-winning seattle restaurant offering small plates, artisanal pizza and more


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2716 Alki Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA 98116  (206) 935-6550

The Dough: The individual-sized artisan style pizza at Phoenecia begins with a crust made of only four simple ingredients: flour, salt, water and a minimal amount of yeast. We ferment our dough for two days, in order to coax the natural sugars from the flour and create an unmatched complexity of flavor.

The Temperature: The oven at Phoenecia is capable of cooking at temperatures near 900 degrees, enabling our dough to spring, creating a crust that is crunchy on the outside, yet flakey and airy on the inside... touched with just the right amount of char to add a smokey element.

The Toppings: We believe in sourcing our toppings from only the highest quality ingredients, including meats from Salumi and Zoe’s, produce from the West Seattle Farmer’s Market, and cheese from Laura Chenel. We do not use any pre-shredded, frozen, or pre-sliced ingredients.


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