Phoenecia on Alki: an award-winning seattle restaurant offering small plates, artisanal pizza and more


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2716 Alki Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA 98116  (206) 935-6550

Phoenecia’s commitment to sustainable dining begins with the best local produce, meats, seafood and cheeses; we do not serve seafood on Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch “avoid” list. Please support our partners and suppliers:

Zoe's Meats

Years ago on a volleyball court two friends with a passion for food dreamed of creating a company which would provide superior quality cured meat products to consumers, with an emphasis on community and environmental awareness. In February of 2007, George Gavros and Charlie Hertz realized their dream by launching Zoe's Meats.

Salumi Cured Meats

Behind most good meals is a good family. Case in point, Armandino Batali: father of celebrity chef Mario Batali and a man who many consider to be the Grand Poobah of artisan cured meats.

Anderson Ranch Lamb

The Andersons have been raising Oregon lamb for five generations. Their lambs are 100% natural, grass-fed, with no hormones or antibiotics. All lambs are prepared for market by Mohawk Valley Meats, another local family-run business located 30 minutes from the Ranch, to ensure the lambs have minimal stress before processing.

Husky Deli

The Miller family has been making some of Seattle’s very best ice cream for over 75 years, right here in West Seattle... with flavors ranging from the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, to more unique blends such as rose, lavender, and even garlic ice cream.

Shepherd's Grain Flours

Shepherd's Grain comes from an alliance of progressive family farms dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture. They believe it is possible to raise a product in a responsible manner, that is not only great tasting and nutritional, but benefits the global community. The company takes pride in providing the consumer with information about where their food comes from and how it is produced. Local to the Northwest, they are dedicated to creating a sustainable relationship between growers, bakers, and end customers.

Laura Chenel Cheese

Laura Chenel is the recognized "pioneer" of American goat cheese production. In the late 1970s and early 1980s she established the prototype that allowed countless other goat cheese makers to succeed.

West Seattle Farmers' Market

Operating since 1999, the West Seattle Farmers Market features between 25 to 35 Washington State farmers and small local food processors year around, featuring fresh fruit from both sides of the state, market tables loaded with local organic seasonal produce, fresh farm cheeses, herbs, mushrooms, free-range chicken and eggs, seafood, pastured organic beef, ciders, honey, preserves, fresh baked bread and pastries, cut flowers, and plant starts.